We should have faith in our Army

We should have faith in our Army

After the Balakot air-strike, the opposition parties are making baseless allegations and demands.  Some of their leaders are alleging that the strike was made at trees instead of terror camps.

Whereas, some are demanding the proof of destroyed terror training centre and body of dead terrorists.

Now one Rajya Sabha member of the opposition party has stated that the Pulwama attack was a match-fixing between the Prime Minister of Indian and Pakistan.

Just as India has successfully isolated Pakistan from the world, the government also needs to isolate such irresponsible people.

It is a known fact that when Osama was killed by the USA, no image or video was released.

It is crystal clear that airstrike has, indeed, been made and great harm has been caused to the training centre.  If it is not so, Pakistan would not release our AIF commander safe and so early.



We can remember the case of Saurabh Kalia who was captivated by Pakistan during the Kargil war.  Before his dead body getting handed over to India, he was brutally tortured.

The language in which the opposition parties speak is the one which our neighbouring country speaks.

The more India brings the cruel reality of Pakistan before the world, the more Pakistani news channels try to nullify it by showing statements of such leaders.

The whole nation has faith in our army, then why not these leaders?

The opposition parties need to check these things in order to maintain their patriotism.

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