post-poll awareness campaign
post-poll awareness campaign

The need for a post-poll awareness campaign

Awareness campaign plays an important role in the successful conduct of general elections in a country. Till now we have focused mainly on pre-poll awareness.  Now the time has come to think about post-poll awareness programme to strengthen the largest Indian democracy.  

India is the largest democratic country in the world.  Having a population of around 1.3 billion people, more than 800 million people are eligible to cast their vote.  As against the common belief, democracy in India is growing mature since its independence.  The Election Commission of India plays a big role in the successful conduct of Lok Sabha and Vidhansabha elections.


India is the world’s largest democracy


In every five years, Indian electorates cast their vote to elect 543 members for the Lok Sabha.  Presently India has 28 states having the total number of 4128 constituencies of state legislative assemblies.  

All these factors make India the largest democracy in the world.  Almost every year, Vidhan Sabha elections are held in some states or the other.  For the successful completion of the election, The Election Commission of India, political parties and NGO’s conduct several pre-poll awareness campaigns. 

Certainly, these campaigns incite more and more people to use their right to franchise.  

However, only voting to choose suitable representatives is not enough.  We can do something more to create a healthy and democratic relationship with our representative.

Common people think that parliamentarians hold a high position of the democratic system.   They are hesitant to communicate with their representative.  Such tendency needs to be changed.




Things to do as a post-poll campaign


So, what can we do after we have selected our representatives?  We can e-mail or write a letter of congratulation, expectation and appreciation. 

In the letter or e-mail, we can congratulate them for their victory.  Besides, we can put forward our views on the issues of our constituency.  These issues may relate to unemployment, road condition, water crisis, pollution, the development of the region and many more. 


We can also suggest solutions that may be helpful to resolve such issues.  We can appreciate them for their developmental work done in the constituency.

Through this activity, a message goes that voters are observing the work of their representatives.  Representatives, too, feel that voters are attentively listening to them and their work is being appreciated.

Most of the representatives are active on social media platforms as well.  We can also communicate through this medium. 

Time has come to maintain a fearless communication between voters and representatives.  And by adopting this method, we can do it.  In this way, we will also contribute to the development of a strong democracy in our country.


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