The 13 year old student keeps the foundation of a company, with the target of Rs 100 crore turnovers

The 13 year old student keeps the foundation of a company, with the target of Rs 100 crore turnovers

Can a school going boy be the founder of a business startup? Can he be the owner of a company which holds control over 400 employees? How can a class VIII student carry away with his studies and the company altogether?

This seems to be unrealistic and impossible. But a 13-year-old student has made it possible and has become one of the youngest entrepreneurs of India. Tilak Mehta from Mumbai is such a prodigy who has founded a technology-driven courier company namely Papers N Parcels (PNP).

He not only convinced a banker to quit his job and accept the CEO post of PNP but also succeeded to include employees of Dabbawalas in his company.

The technology-based company functions through an app with the same name. Customers have to first register on the app, and after login, they can book the order.

The company delivers the items on the same day. It charges only from Rs 80 to 140 according to the weight of the item. It accepts the item up to 3 kilograms. So the fast delivery and cheaper cost have made the company a big success.

The story behind this innovative idea is interesting. One day Tilak Mehta left his school book in his uncle’s home that was at the other end of the city and he needed it urgently.

However, he couldn’t manage to get it back and when he enquired about the courier service, he came to know that he would have to pay nearly Rs 250/- which was itself the price of the book.

It struck to his mind that there must be a courier service in the city which could be in the budget of common people. One day he saw a person of Dabbawala, the famous food delivery network of Mumbai. Tilak Mehta got another idea that with the collaboration of Dabbawalas, the courier service could be managed properly.

Tilak Mehta talked about the idea with his father who got convinced. Thereafter, he discussed with his uncle who was a banker.

His father helped him develop the app. His uncle quit the bank job and became the CEO of the company. Several employees of Dabbawalas also agreed to work with the company. After the hard work and research of 8 months, his business started in 2018.

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Papers N Parcels delivers 1200 items everyday and till date, it has delivered more than one lakh items. Presently, pathology labs, boutique shops and brokerages are availing the services of the company.

Today, Papers N Parcels employs 300 persons of Dabbawala and 100 of its own. Tilak Mehta has the dream of making the company with a turnover of Rs 100 crore by 2020 and expanding the services all over India.

For his prodigious entrepreneurship, he has been awarded India Maritime Awards in July 2018.

This dynamic child has infinite possibilities inside him. There may be many more Tilaks in our country. It is the responsibility of our society to explore such ingenious children.

Tilak Mehta is an inspiration for students. We wish this young entrepreneur a brilliant future.

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