Telangana MP G Kishan Reddy
Telangana MP G Kishan Reddy

Telangana MP accepts books for the celebration of his electoral victory

India is changing.  Indian people are coming up with innovative ways to do something.  In this context, G Kishan Reddy, an MP from Telangana has set an example. 

Kishan Reddy has won the Lok Sabha election 2019 from Secunderabad constituency.  On his victory, he requested his supporters to congratulate him with books instead of garlands or sweets.

On his appeal, a large number of party workers and volunteers visited his office and donated notebooks and storybooks.  Very soon, his office turned into the storeroom with the bundle of books.  These books will be distributed among economically disadvantaged students.



Generally, party workers celebrate the victory of their leader with great pomp and show.  They offer garland, shawl, sweets and bouquets.  However, these gifts are of little use.  There is also the wastage of money.

So, Kishan’s initiative has a great message for the country.   With such plans, the celebration becomes useful and significant.  A good message goes to citizens and it cultivates high morale among countrymen.

Gifts like garlands and bouquets are in no way helpful for anyone, but rather they cause pollution.  So leaders of our country should refuse such gifts.  They, instead, should urge their supporters to bring gifts that may be utilized for needy persons.

Amit Kumar

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