Surgical Strike 2.0

Surgical Strike 2.0

This is the beginning of a new India.  Now, India has learnt if someone gives it a hundred cuts, they will be repaid with major cuts for each one.  India has learnt how to pay back the inflicts given on it with compound interest.

The Indian Air force carried out a preemptive strike on the terror camp at Balakot, Pakistan.  Twelve Mirage 2000 jets were used in the operation.  The operation claimed to kill many terrorists and destroy terror camps.



The neighbouring country is dumb-founded what to admit and what to deny.  In fact, It is unable to respond.

India has shown if Pakistan is unable to stop the terrorism running from its region, India knows how to eliminate it.

This is the first lesson for the neighbouring country.  Even though it doesn’t learn anything from it, India is ready to show more.

Pakistan is not in a position to retaliate.  No country is with it.  Even its close friend China didn’t object to India.  Which country will be with it, for a failed and bankrupt state!

The IAF struck deep into its territory, and it was not in a position to object.  This time, India was restricted to strike only on terror camp.

India may even think of hitting its military assets if the later gives further inflicts.

Time has come that the neighbouring country should live with peace and become a trustworty nation before the world.

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