Ranu Mondal
Ranu Mondal

Ranu Mondal: Journey from railway platform to singing studio

The story of life-journey of Ranu Mondal from the railway platform to the singing studio will compel you to think about how powerful social media are today.

This is the era of social media.  If a person has talent, nothing can stop him or her to earn name and fame.   Social media play an important role to bring out the talent and skill of any person before the world.

The power of social media is such that it can make an ordinary person a big celebrity.  Such is the story of Ranu Mondal.


Life history of Ranu Mondal


Ranu Mondal was once a helpless woman and was earning her living by singing at a railway station.  Then a video of her singing an old song went viral on social media and she became a star overnight.

The life of Ranu Mondal is no less than a fairytale.  The 59 years old woman belongs to Ranaghat, West Bengal.  In her 20s, she would sing in a local orchestra club.

The audience called her Ranu Bobby after her performance in singing the song from a superhit Hindi movie Bobby.

In this way, she would earn some money.  However, she was forced to leave singing as no family member supported her musical skill.

Later on, she was married to Babul Mondal.  After the marriage, the couple shifted to Mumbai.  In an unfortunate incident, her husband expired and she returned to her village Ranaghat.


Ranu was living in extreme poverty.  She has also one daughter.

Life of duo got worsened.  A desperate Ranu started singing old Hindi songs at Ranaghat station and in return, people would offer her some food or money.


The sudden turning in her life


Her daughter disliked her singing at the railway station.  She left her mother and didn’t contact her for 10 years.  Ranu was leading a life of a beggar.

Only then a software engineer Atindra Chakraborty entered her life and made her destiny.  He noticed Ranu’s melodious voice.  Atindra made a video recording of her song and posted it on his Facebook account.

In the video, she is seen singing the evergreen song “Ek pyar ka nagma hai”, originally played by famous vocalist Lata Mangeshkar.


Atindra with Ranu | Image: Janbharattimes

Very soon, the video went viral on many social media platforms and her voice was appreciated by common people and big celebrities.

Knowing her singing talent, Sony Entertainment TV Channel invited her to ‘Superstar Singer’ reality show.  She impressed everyone present in the show with her mellifluous voice.


Ranu Mondal as a singing star



Himesh Reshammiya, the famous Bollywood singer became another destiny maker for Ranu.  He offered her for a song in his upcoming movie ‘Happy Hardy Heer’.

Himesh soon recorded a song ‘Teri Meri Kahani which also became much popular on social media.




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Today, Ranu has become a singing star.  She has got offers for songs from several music directors and contracts for musical concerts.

After Ranu’s popularity, not only her daughter has returned to her, but also the affectionate Ranu has wholeheartedly embraced her daughter.


Image: Instagram

Ranu’s talent is beyond explanation.  We rarely see such talent.  Credit also goes to Atindra Chakraborty and Himesh Reshammiya who noticed her charismatic voice and made the way of success for her.

Had her family supported Ranu’s singing skill, she would have become a renowned vocalist much earlier.

However, the world knows that everything happens at the time fixed by destiny and Ranu’s good time has come now.

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