Pulwama Terror attack: We fail as we are divided

Pulwama Terror attack: We fail as we are divided

Following the Pulwama terror attack, the blood of the whole country is boiling.  Countrymen are asking till when India would have to bear the brunt of terrorism.
Everyone’s eyes are towards the Prime Minister as to what step his government takes. To improve the global and internal status of the country, the government has implemented so many policies.
This would be the crucial decision by the government before the due election. The government will have to prove that his alliance deserves another chance to govern the country.
But before going to discuss the actions to be taken by the government, we will first, have to introspect, whether we are united to fight against terrorism.
A large sector of our country is still unknown as to who is responsible for this plight. We can read the statement of one of our parliamentarians saying – “Can an entire nation be blamed for a handful of people”?
Similarly, we can see a large number of posts and twits on social sites justifying and partying on the killing of our soldiers.
Are all our national and regional parties unanimous with the policies for fighting against terrorism?
A large number of enemies are inside our country and many of our political parties, intellectuals and press media give moral support to them.
If the government takes one or more actions, several voices will stand against them. It is also most likely that another government will lift all implementations if it comes to power.



The world knows that behind this attack, there is a failed, bankrupt and non-democratic country non-other than Pakistan. Government is only for the name, the military is dominant over the government. All terror acts are controlled from there.
So targeting a half-dozen enemy-bunkers, arresting some terrorists or making some surgical strikes will no longer work.  The government will have to take some stern and effective measures.

To withdraw the Indus water treaty would be a decisive step.  India can also think of closing the tag of the most favoured nation.  Closing the Pakistan embassy in the country may be the right decision.  And most effectively, India should also think about some military operation against Pakistan. 

But all these will work if we are united to fight against terror.

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