Possible scenario after the end of Lok Sabha election
Possible scenario after the end of Lok Sabha election

Possible scenario after the end of Lok Sabha election 2019

The general election of 2019 has come to the end.  This election will be remembered for a long time in the history of Indian politics.  This was the largest democratic election of the world, with 900 million eligible voters. 

For the first time, the VVPAT (Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail) system was used with the EVM machines.  The system enabled the EVM machine to record each vote by generating slips.

So after the end of the election, the whole world is impatient to know as to who will govern the country.  There are four possible results of this Lok Sabha election.



First, the BJP may get a full majority this time also.  The party contested the election on the issue of nationalism, scam-free governance, implementation of so many welfare schemes and global acceptance of India as a super-power.

However, the issue of nationalism may be a failure. The Congress party had succeeded to regain power in 2009 even after the Mumbai terror attack in 2008.

That’s the reason the Congress party gave priority to economic policy in the manifesto and raised the issue of the alleged failure of GST, demonetisation, the return of black money and unemployment.  So in the second possibility, Congress is likely to form the government with the full majority or with the help of alliance.

Third, the BJP may come up with the single largest party without a full majority.  In this circumstance, it will be interesting to see how the party gets the majority.

Fourth, the big alliance (Mahagathbandhan) may form a coalition government.  The country may witness an interesting political drama for the nomination of Prime Minister.

There may be another scenario which is likely to bring a constitutional crisis in the country.  Perhaps the Supreme Court of India may have to play a crucial role to resolve the issue.

Whatever it be.  The election is successfully over.  The Election Commission of India, personnel engaged day and night in the election duty and Indian voters are worth-praising for its completion.

Hope the election will give a stable and strong government to the country. 

Manisha Kumari

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