Plant trees before getting a graduation degree

Plant trees before getting a graduation degree

Deforestation has become a worldwide problem.  “Save tree-Save earth” has become a global slogan.  We cannot imagine life without trees.

Despite knowing the importance of trees, we are cutting down them.  No proper efforts are made for plantation of trees.  Considering this crisis, a Southeast Asian country has come up with a superb plan.

This country is the Philippines.  Its government has proposed a new bill called-“Graduation Legacy for the Environment Act”.  This act makes mandatory for elementary, high school and college-level students to plant at least 10 trees before graduating. 

The government agencies will ensure the compliance of the act.  They will look after nursery establishment, seedling production, site preparation and evaluation of the work.


Students will plant trees on forest areas, civil and military reservations, rural and urban areas, inactive mining sites and other suitable places.  The selection of trees will be according to the climate, location and topography of the areas.

Preference will be given to indigenous species of trees.  Philippine is the country where only 20% of trees are left.  Nearly 175 million new trees will be planted every year if the initiative properly implemented.

So the Philipino government’s proposal is really inspiring.  This will create awareness among students to plant more and more trees. 

If we talk about our country, we may be proud that India is among the top ten countries in the world with the most forest area.  However, the forest area in India is only 24% which may decrease in the coming years.

So, we can learn from the Philipino government and bring the suchlike proposal in the parliament to save trees before they come in an alarming situation.



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  1. Rinku gogoi

    Sir,My name is Rinku gogoi.I live in ledo Assam.ledo is in Northeast India.Over here North Eastern Coalfield is unit of Coal India Limited which has its headquarters in Margherita in Assam.My Dad also works in Coal India Limited.I am born here.I am watching very little age that was a underground mining when it was then wasn’t so pollution over here.But when underground mining was close only open cast mining was run.since then here pollution spread a lot.lots of trees to cut plants open mining opening there.Now the situation here is such that there is also difficulty in breathing.My goal is to have the whole greenery here.With the help of you guys I’m here I want to create awareness that TREE PLANTS how many for us important.Help you guys to make it work.Please include me in this work of you guys.
    Thanking you.

    1. ShineOnIndia

      Dear Rinku. Thanks for your comment. I am happy to know that you are concerned about the regular cutting down of trees. So far, the matter of including you, if you have any topic of national importance, feel free to mail us and we will publish your article.

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