Other countries that got independence on August 15
Other countries that got independence on August 15

Other countries that got independence on August 15

Today India is celebrating its 73rd Independence Day with great proud and fervour. Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi addressed the nation from the Red Fort and talked about various key issues like article 370, article 35A, the constitution of Chief Defence Staff, triple talaq, the launch of new Jal Jeevan scheme, population control and the target of a five trillion $ Indian economy.

The Prime Minister appealed the nation to visit at least 22 tourist places of the country by 2022 so as to promote tourism in the country. He called upon citizens to use cloth bags instead of plastic ones to minimize environmental pollution.

He also asked farmers to use chemical fertilizers in the least quantity in the fields. At the end of his address to the nation, school children were very excited to shake hands with the Prime Minister.

India got the freedom on 15th August 1947 after the slavery of nearly 200 years from British rule. On this day, we remember Indian freedom fighters and take an oath to contribute to the development of the nation.


However, India is not the only country to mark Independence Day on 15th August. There are five other countries that got independence on this date. Let’s have a glance at these countries of the world.

Democratic Republic of Congo

The country is also known as DR Congo, the DRC, Congo-Kinshasa or simply the Congo. It has been named after the river Congo which flows across the country. This central African country got freedom from French colonization on August 15, 1960. The Republic of Congo had come under French rule in 1880.

North Korea

This is an East Asian country constituting the northern part of the Korean Peninsula. North Korea, a Soviet Union administered zone, gained independence from Japan on August 15, 1945, after the latter’s surrender in World War II. However, the government was formed after three years in 1948. The country was officially named as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

South Korea

The US administered zone- South Korea was established in 1948 when the efforts of unification of Korea failed. South Korea is a highly developed country in the world. Korean citizens enjoy the world’s fastest internet connection speeds and the longest years of tertiary education in the world. The country celebrates the day of independence as Gwangbokjeol (the day of light returned).


Officially the Kingdom of Bahrain is an island country of Persian Gulf. The country declared its independence from the British colonial rules on August 15, 1971.


This is the world’s sixth smallest country. Liechtenstein got freedom from German rule on 15th August 1866 and celebrates the occasion as a national day since 1940. The country is bordered by Switzerland and Austria.

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