Nation voices loud: Chowkidar pure hai

By giving a full majority to the BJP, the nation has clearly voiced that the chowkidar is honest.  This is the charismatic image of Mr Narendra Modi that Indian people have so much faith in him.

The Indian public has shown that the NDA led by Mr Modi has governed well in the first tenure and it deserves another chance.  This grand victory in the loksabha election 2019 has proved that people have wholeheartedly accepted the policies implemented by the government.



From Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Ujjwala Yojna, Demonetisation, Awas Yojna, GST, Make In India to Jan Dhan Yojna, all schemes have made a great impact on Indian people.

Countrymen have expressed their firm belief that only Mr Modi has the potential to re-build India as a shining country.   Corruption-Free governance has deepened the trust in him.

The most crucial factor was nationalism that led the party to the spectacular victory.  Our existence is due to the country we live in.  So, anyone who speaks about or supports the ideology of disintegration of the country, people will never like them.  The people of India showed the way out to such anti-nationalists.

Similarly, if someone makes regular attacks on our sovereignty, they must be repaid with what they deserve. The nation embraced Mr Modi who made us feel proud by giving due reply in the form of surgical and airstrikes.

So, India has got a strong and stable government. The stupendous majority has also come with big responsibility and expectation.  A lot of work is yet to be completed. The government will have to accentuate more in the field of agriculture, poverty and employment.

We hope that the government will get better to the expectations of the country.

Manisha Kumari

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