Mother congratulates her son for scoring 60% marks in Board exams
Mother congratulates her son for scoring 60% marks in Board exams

Mom congratulates her son for 60% marks in exams

How will you react if a mother congratulates his son for scoring only 60% marks in his Board exam

This is when the results of 10 and 12 Board exams are declared and some students get 90% or above marks.  They rejoice the result with immense pleasure as they can get admission to the college of their preference.

Parents of these students feel proud to talk about the scoring marks.


Mark-sheet basis exams spoil students’ life


However, we also see the faces of disappointment as some students attain average or low marks. These students have to bear the brunt of their parents.

The unfortunate fact is that some adolescents even commit suicide out of depression for not enduring the psychological pressure put by their guardians.

We as a guardian fail to persuade our children that marks cannot measure our intelligence.

In fact, we are responsible for creating stress in the mind of our children that low scoring in the exams ends our academic career.

However, the reality is that our mark-sheets can never be the certificate of our whole life.

We occasionally see in some cases that top-scoring students could not achieve something special in their life, whereas low-grade students became successful, earned name and fame and contributed their life to the welfare of society and the country.

So, the time has come that we give up admonishing our child for getting average or low grades in the exams and praise them for their efforts in the preparation of the exams.

All students are not made for academics. They can make their career in the fields like sports, acting, music, painting or business as well and become a successful person in their life.


Vandana Sufia made a new approach


Such is the example of a mother who became proud of her son for scoring 60% marks in the 10th CBSE Board exams. A Delhi woman Vandana Sufia Katoch shared her feelings to the social media platform after the board result of her son.

She appreciated her son for his persevering efforts to prepare the exams and for not giving in even after some subjects were abstruse to him.

The post of Vandana Sufia has received warm accolades. This super mom has set an example before us that life is far beyond numbers attained in the examinations.

Life of our children is not more valuable than the mark sheet, being a mere piece of paper.

Vandana gives a strong message to the country that it is our responsibility to keep our children happy and not pressurize them for their performance in the exams.

“Kids will carry out our unfulfilled dreams”-we should give up this approach and let them fulfill the dreams of their choice.

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