Mission Shakti:
Mission Shakti:

Mission Shakti: An Another Leap In The Space

Suppose an object measuring a few meters is moving from Delhi at the speed of 20,000 kilometres per hour.   We, sitting at Mumbai, have to hit this object through a missile.  Sounds impossible?

Yes, because we will say the object is so small and it will go far beyond India till our missile reaches the object to shoot it down.  We need perfect calculation of the expected position of the object and accurate time to target.  It also requires advanced scientific technology.

But surprisingly, we have done it.  India has successfully conducted an anti-satellite missile test on the space.



Hitting a fast-moving satellite with a missile is a very challenging task.  That’s why only three countries before India have been capable to do this.  Now India has joined the international club of four countries having this capability.

We have even excelled in this field as India conducted the successful test at its first attempt.  Whereas, the previous countries the USA, Russia and China had to make several tests before they succeeded.

This is really a great achievement for India.  In other words, we can say that India has become a space power.

India, surrounded by hostile neighbours, can protect itself even in the space by targeting any satellite spying on it.

So, “Mission Shakti” has given countrymen an opportunity to be proud of being Indian.   DRDO and ISRO deserve warm appreciation for this heroic achievement.


Sanjeev Kumar

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