Main Bhi Chowkidar
Main Bhi Chowkidar

Main Bhi Chowkidar – An another Pro-Modi Wave?

Scene I.

A customer purchases a car and offers cash for payment.  The showroom manager refuses to accept cash.  The customer shows anger at him – “You are weak at finance”.

The manager replies back – “I am not weak, but the nation’s truthful chowkidar who doesn’t indulge in tax evasion”.

Scene II.

A family is travelling in a car.  The man in the car tries to throw corn outside the window of the car.  His wife stops him and offers a piece of paper to put into it. The man asks, “should we dirty our car?”  Wife responds, “Then should we dirty our city?”

The child from behind questions, “Mummy! Are you a teacher?”

The woman firmly replies, “I am chowkidar of the nation.  He is not alone. I am with him”.  When the car stops, the woman drops the garbage paper into the dustbin.

Scene III.

A mother calls for her doctor son at 12.15 am as to when he will return home for dinnerHe is not the only doctor in the town to work so late.

The son replies, “I am not a doctor alone.  I am chowkidar of society’s health.  She and my wife should not wait for me but take their dinner”.

When a poor patient looks at him, surprisingly, the doctor replies, “Will the nation’s chowkidar alone work till late night? I am also with him.

These scenes are of three different short films not created through any big ad agency but are pure creation of Prime Minister Office.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has prefixed the word “chowkidar” in his Twitter profile.  So many cabinet ministers have also followed this.  This is the beginning of a “Main Bhi Chowkidar” campaign.  The nation also seems to go crazy with this campaign as people are adding this slogan with their name.



The theme of the slogan gives message of constantly working for corruption-free India, clean and green India and be watchful and proactive to national security day and night.

No doubt that Mr Modi has become favourite after Balakot air-strike.  This “Main Bhi Chowkidar” campaign has the power to connect, emotionally, more and more people with him.

However, ‘Mahagathbandhan’ alliance is running another campaign “Chowkidar Chor Hai” through its Twitter handle.  The alliance alleges the loot of public money and award of monetary benefit to Prime Minister’s kith and kin in GST, demonetization policy and Rafale fighter jet deal.

This is a battle of “Main Bhi Chowkidar” V/S “Chowkidar Chor Hai”.

So it’s the Indian people who will decide in the coming months as to whether “Main Bhi Chowkidar” was another pro-Modi wave or “Chowkidar Chor Hai” was the true campaign that influenced them.


Manisha Kumari

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