IAS topper credits to his girl-friend for the success

IAS topper credits to his girl-friend for the success

The result of the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) has been declared. Kanishka Kataria from Jaipur has topped the prestigious exam at his first attempt.

Earlier before, there have been several candidates who cracked the IAS exam at their first attempt.  So what is different with him?

The difference is that he has broken the myth of Indian society.  He has publically admitted what is being seen as a taboo in our society.

Kanishka Kataria has given credit for this grand success to his girlfriend together with his family. This means he has publically admitted having a girlfriend.



This is perhaps for the first time that a beloved girl has got the due importance.

As a student, falling in love is considered not good.  Choosing a partner of one’s own like is also not easy in our society.

So Kanishka’s cool revelation matters big to Indian society. There is a strong weight in his statement.

Being thankful for the girl-friend is absolutely new.  It shows the strength of accepting one’s love and fidelity towards the love-partner.

Kanishka Kataria has given a strong message that love-partner can also be helpful in making a career. She must be appreciated for her role in the career-making journey.

Certainly, Kanishka’s move will heighten the importance of women in society. It will also act as a deterrent to those who abandon their love partner after making promises.

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