Home return of IAF Singham

Home return of IAF Singham

The best plane is the one with the best pilot inside.  Corrosion is not fought with weapons only.  It also requires bravery, skill, courage and passion. This fact has been proved by IAF pilot Abhinandan Varthman.

Abhinandan with his Mig-21 destroyed Pakistan’s F-16 that entered Indian Territory.

F-16 is the 4th Generation of the most modern fighter aircraft manufactured by the USA.  Whereas, MIG 21 is the second generation of fighter aircraft made by Russia.

The whole world is surprised that IAF Jet MIG 21 took down Pakistan’s F-16.

This itself says the bravery of Indian pilot Abhinandan.  This incident must have made Russia feel superior to America as both countries often stand opposed to each other.

The bravery and cleverness of Abhinandan continued in Pakistan where he landed after his air-crash.  He kept himself protected from local people, swallowed important documents, maps and also flowed some of them in the pond.



The whole nation is celebrating the home return of this brave pilot.  This is a diplomatic victory of India.  Certainly, Abhinandan deserves warm appreciation for his bravery and war-skill.

However, the airstrike made in Pakistan territory should not be treated as the revenge of Pulwama terror act.  The war against terrorism, we have started, should be continued till its end.

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