ICC, cricket world cup
ICC, cricket world cup

England and New Zealand teams deserve to be joint world champions

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 ended with the blend of mixed emotions.  There were thrill, delight, surprise, disappointment, anger and commiseration in the final match.

This was the first finale of the Cricket World Cup which had winners, but a no loser.

Despite the fact, only one team celebrated the victory and went away with the trophy.  The other team could reap only admiration and sympathy for their part.  Isn’t it ridiculous?

The grand finale was played between the host team England and New Zealand.  The world witnessed a tie match in both 50 overs and super overs.

Such was the passion in both teams for getting the maiden cup!


England and new zealand should be joint winner.
The England team rejoicing with the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 | Image source: BBC


An utter disappointment to cricket fans


But alas! The unfair rule destroyed the spirit of the game.  England were declared the winner only for the count of boundaries.

The ICC gave the message to the upcoming generation that cricket is the game of only batting and not of bowling and fielding!

A beautiful game was decided through an irrational logic.  Players work hard for four years in the preparation of this tournament so that they could perform with their best on the playground.

Cricket fans around the world pay hefty prices for tickets.  They leave their important schedules to watch the matches for hours and to see their teams win.


England and New zealand should be the joint winner
Kiwi team getting disappointed after the tied up match | Image source: Sport24

And what the cricket pandits sitting at the ICC did!  They played with the emotions of players and fans.  The match should not have a sole winner until we arrive at a fair decision.

This way, both the finalists should have been the world champions.  After all, it is the biggest tournament the ICC organizes on every four year .

No doubt that the England team played well.  But the Kiwi team also chased the score brilliantly till the last moment.  Such a game is rarely to be seen.

So, the decision is impossible to digest.  The cricket fraternity has shown an utter disappointment on the decision.




Both teams deserve the world cup


Was it so important to decide only one team as the winner?  If it were a semi-final match, the ICC could have thought of declaring the sole winner so that one of the finalists may be decided.

However, rules are rules.  We have to comply with them.  And according to the rule, the England team were crowned world champions.

But the ICC needs to review its rules and ensure that in future, these rules may not spoil the game spirit.

The rules should not bring injustice to any team and they should not ignore public sentiments.

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