Conscious electorates, emerging India

Conscious electorates, emerging India

The general election 2019 of India will be remembered for many factors.   Most importantly, electorates of the country showed full enthusiasm to cast their vote.  News from different parts of the country came about voters who became an inspiration to the country.

Manisha Rani from Haryana exercised her franchise one hour after the delivery of her baby.  Ravindra Narayan Singh from Varanasi cast his vote even after getting a surgical operation.  A bridegroom in Manali delayed his marriage and reached the polling booth with his whole family to use the right to vote.

Twin sisters from Patna, Sabaa and Faraah, whose heads are adjoined, cast the vote despite their suffering. There were many voters above their nineties and still voted with their trembling body.

This loksabha election broke many trends and myths.  People used their franchise ignoring the spirit of caste and creed.  They negated the candidates supporting the ideology of dynasty and nepotism.  Development, public welfare and nationalism were proved to be the crucial issues.


Image source: Forbes India


Indian voters didn’t get influenced by the alluring promises that some political parties made.  They have now become aware that such freebies can damage the economy of the country.

The nation requires a strong and stable government. This is the reason that this time also, countrymen have given the gigantic majority to a political party. 

All this shows that electorates of India have grown mature.  This is a good indication for the democracy of the country.  Countrymen have paved the way for the construction of a new India.

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