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After technical hold, how should India respond China deplomatically?

This was the fourth time, China vetoed Masood‘s terror tag at the United Nations Security Council.   Now it’s time to show China that India will find its own way to fight against terror, with or without China’s consent to labelling him a terrorist, it doesn’t matter.

India has already isolated Pakistan in the global forum.  This time, China has also alienated itself by abusing the power of veto again and again. 

But, India should also reform its foreign policy with regard to China.  The reason, it has never been supportive of India.  This is a suitable time when most countries at the United Nations were with India and disapproved of China.

India should give a clear message that China trades with India five times greater than Pakistan.  In this way, China derives the benefit from Pakistan is much less in comparison to India.

If China continues to ignore the national interests of India and show undue love for Pakistan, it will have to bear a gigantic economic loss.  No doubt, this strong message needs to be sent to China. 



Most western countries have banned China’s famous telecom Huawei from entering 5G.  The reason, they are suspecting espionage activity to be carried by China.  So, India can also give a lucid message regarding the future ban.

India can also take steps in the strategic field.   It can move forward to align more closely with the US, Japan, Australia, Vietnam and Indonesia.  These countries don’t like Chinese foreign policy.

Similarly, India can deepen its relationship with Taiwan whom China always raises the question over its validity.

All these actions of India will compel China to re-think to act against the interest of India. 

The whole nation has seen that India has changed after Pulwama attack.  Now, it is the right time to show the sign of changed diplomatic policy against rude and obstinate China.

We should have faith in our Army

We should have faith in our Army

After the Balakot air-strike, the opposition parties are making baseless allegations and demands.  Some of their leaders are alleging that the strike was made at trees instead of terror camps.

Whereas, some are demanding the proof of destroyed terror training centre and body of dead terrorists.

Now one Rajya Sabha member of the opposition party has stated that the Pulwama attack was a match-fixing between the Prime Minister of Indian and Pakistan.

Just as India has successfully isolated Pakistan from the world, the government also needs to isolate such irresponsible people.

It is a known fact that when Osama was killed by the USA, no image or video was released.

It is crystal clear that airstrike has, indeed, been made and great harm has been caused to the training centre.  If it is not so, Pakistan would not release our AIF commander safe and so early.



We can remember the case of Saurabh Kalia who was captivated by Pakistan during the Kargil war.  Before his dead body getting handed over to India, he was brutally tortured.

The language in which the opposition parties speak is the one which our neighbouring country speaks.

The more India brings the cruel reality of Pakistan before the world, the more Pakistani news channels try to nullify it by showing statements of such leaders.

The whole nation has faith in our army, then why not these leaders?

The opposition parties need to check these things in order to maintain their patriotism.

Home return of IAF Singham

The best plane is the one with the best pilot inside.  Corrosion is not fought with weapons only.  It also requires bravery, skill, courage and passion. This fact has been proved by IAF pilot Abhinandan Varthman.

Abhinandan with his Mig-21 destroyed Pakistan’s F-16 that entered Indian Territory.

F-16 is the 4th Generation of the most modern fighter aircraft manufactured by the USA.  Whereas, MIG 21 is the second generation of fighter aircraft made by Russia.

The whole world is surprised that IAF Jet MIG 21 took down Pakistan’s F-16.

This itself says the bravery of Indian pilot Abhinandan.  This incident must have made Russia feel superior to America as both countries often stand opposed to each other.

The bravery and cleverness of Abhinandan continued in Pakistan where he landed after his air-crash.  He kept himself protected from local people, swallowed important documents, maps and also flowed some of them in the pond.



The whole nation is celebrating the home return of this brave pilot.  This is a diplomatic victory of India.  Certainly, Abhinandan deserves warm appreciation for his bravery and war-skill.

However, the airstrike made in Pakistan territory should not be treated as the revenge of Pulwama terror act.  The war against terrorism, we have started, should be continued till its end.

Surgical Strike 2.0

Surgical Strike 2.0

This is the beginning of a new India.  Now, India has learnt if someone gives it a hundred cuts, they will be repaid with major cuts for each one.  India has learnt how to pay back the inflicts given on it with compound interest.

The Indian Air force carried out a preemptive strike on the terror camp at Balakot, Pakistan.  Twelve Mirage 2000 jets were used in the operation.  The operation claimed to kill many terrorists and destroy terror camps.



The neighbouring country is dumb-founded what to admit and what to deny.  In fact, It is unable to respond.

India has shown if Pakistan is unable to stop the terrorism running from its region, India knows how to eliminate it.

This is the first lesson for the neighbouring country.  Even though it doesn’t learn anything from it, India is ready to show more.

Pakistan is not in a position to retaliate.  No country is with it.  Even its close friend China didn’t object to India.  Which country will be with it, for a failed and bankrupt state!

The IAF struck deep into its territory, and it was not in a position to object.  This time, India was restricted to strike only on terror camp.

India may even think of hitting its military assets if the later gives further inflicts.

Time has come that the neighbouring country should live with peace and become a trustworty nation before the world.

Indus Water Treaty

India will stop flow of water to Pakistan

“Blood and water cannot flow together.”

This was the remarkable statement of Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi after the Uri terror attack in 2016.

Now that Pakistan didn’t learn any lesson even after the surgical strike therein.  It repeated the heinous act in Pulwama.  So, India has decided to stop the flow of its share of water to Pakistan under the Indus Water Treaty.



A curiosity may arise that it is an international treaty.  So by stopping the flow of water, whether India is violating this treaty.  We will have to flashback to know the answer.

Indus Water treaty was signed between India and Pakistan in 1960.  The World Bank was a co-signatory.  Six rivers flow from Indus Water Basin that flow across India and Pakistan.

India will utilize the water of three eastern rivers namely Ravi, Beas and Sutlej.  Pakistan will control over the water of three western rivers namely Indus, Jhelum and Chenab.

It is an interesting fact that India can also utilize some part of water flowing in the western rivers for irrigation, power generation, fish culture etc.  This was allowed for the reason that Pakistan receives more water than India.

However, India has never made use of this facility.  Moreover, it lets some portion of its share of water of eastern rivers flow in Pakistan. This water is used in Pakistan for irrigation.

Undoubtedly, India can stop the flow of water across the eastern rivers.  There would be no violation of the treaty because this water comes under its territory.   Even if Pakistan challenges it in the International Court, its appeal will be rejected.

But the economy of Pakistan will be affected badly, as agriculture in the affected area will be spoiled.

However, to stop the flow of water, India will have to, heavily, invest in infrastructure by making dams and canals.  Anti-nationalists may target the dams, so India will also have to arrange big security for them.

Presently, India is undertaking four projects to ensure its full share of eastern rivers.  This water will be used in Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Delhi.

But all these will take time.  Till then, we cannot let the blood of our soldiers flow.  So India should also take military-remedy to tighten the screw on Pakistan.


Pulwama Terror attack

Pulwama Terror attack: We fail as we are divided

Following the Pulwama terror attack, the blood of the whole country is boiling.  Countrymen are asking till when India would have to bear the brunt of terrorism.
Everyone’s eyes are towards the Prime Minister as to what step his government takes. To improve the global and internal status of the country, the government has implemented so many policies.
This would be the crucial decision by the government before the due election. The government will have to prove that his alliance deserves another chance to govern the country.
But before going to discuss the actions to be taken by the government, we will first, have to introspect, whether we are united to fight against terrorism.
A large sector of our country is still unknown as to who is responsible for this plight. We can read the statement of one of our parliamentarians saying – “Can an entire nation be blamed for a handful of people”?
Similarly, we can see a large number of posts and twits on social sites justifying and partying on the killing of our soldiers.
Are all our national and regional parties unanimous with the policies for fighting against terrorism?
A large number of enemies are inside our country and many of our political parties, intellectuals and press media give moral support to them.
If the government takes one or more actions, several voices will stand against them. It is also most likely that another government will lift all implementations if it comes to power.



The world knows that behind this attack, there is a failed, bankrupt and non-democratic country non-other than Pakistan. Government is only for the name, the military is dominant over the government. All terror acts are controlled from there.
So targeting a half-dozen enemy-bunkers, arresting some terrorists or making some surgical strikes will no longer work.  The government will have to take some stern and effective measures.

To withdraw the Indus water treaty would be a decisive step.  India can also think of closing the tag of the most favoured nation.  Closing the Pakistan embassy in the country may be the right decision.  And most effectively, India should also think about some military operation against Pakistan. 

But all these will work if we are united to fight against terror.