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City Montessori School is world's largest school.

The world’s largest school is in India

School is the first outdoor institution to impart education to our children.  Have you ever thought which is the world’s largest school and where it is?  You would be surprised to know that it is in our own country India.  So, let us know about this school.

India has the pride to have world’s largest school.  City Montessori School (CMS) situated at Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh is the biggest school in terms of students.  More than 55,000 students study in 18 branches of this school.  Consequently, this prestigious school finds a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest school.


Awards and prizes


CMS is the only school in the world to receive UNESCO Prize for Peace Education in 2002.  Furthermore, Spiritual leader Dalai Lama conferred the school with ‘Hope of Humanity’ award.  In 2014, CMS society was accredited as an NGO with the United Nations Department of Public Information.

CMS is a co-educational English medium school where students up to class 12 study.  It is affiliated to the Delhi based Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE). In addition, the school has a partnership with Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE), United Kingdom.


School founders


Dr Jagdish Gandhi and Dr Bharti Gandhi established this school in 1959.  They borrowed just Rs 300 and started the school with only 5 students in a rented campus.  Through their sincere and untiring efforts, the number of students gradually increased.  According to the Guinness Book of World Records, currently, 55,547 students are enrolled in the school.

Despite having such a large number of pupils, each classroom has only 45 students.  The school gives priority to the overall development of the students.   Students learn not only the traditional subjects, but also music, dance, drama, sports, debate and participate in several events and improvement programmes.  Several students and teachers of this school have participated in various international events across the world.


Unique philosophy


The school has a unique philosophy.  It is aimed to produce good human being and to serve the world.  The motto of the school is ‘Jai Jagat’ (Victory to the World).  This has definitely excelled in the national slogan ‘Jai Hind’.  The philosophy of ‘Jai Jagat’ is based on Sanskrit shloka Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam (The whole earth belongs to one family).

Spiritual education is one of the important parts of delivering education to school children.  CMS believes that a child is a spiritual being.  Daily prayer-assemblies are well planned.  The school performs an integrated All Religion Prayer before the commencement of every event.  This teaches the children to embrace diversity and create a reverence for all religions.


Different teaching methods


For the development of spirituality in children, CMS has adopted several methods to lead a virtuous life. Through music classes, children learn emotions and deepen their spirituality.  To promote good qualities among children, the CMS Film Division has made several films based on moral values.  These films are shown on a regular basis around the year.  To communicate the vision of the school, CMS also runs two FM radio stations in the city.

CMS founders organise Peace Congresses in the form of 28 international events annually.  The purpose of these events is to promote the ideals of unity and peace across the globe.  Certainly, Children gain confidence and life experiences.


city montessori school, world's largest school participating in international events.
Image: Patrika


City Montessori School runs ‘teacher guardian programme’.  Through this innovation, teachers visit the home of five students each month.  As required, they give instant advice to the families of the students.  These suggestions help students improve their learning skills.


Track records and achievements


CMS is famous for its excellent track record.  About 40% of students get 90% or higher marks in the exams.  The school authorities also evaluate the teachers to brighten their competency.   By doing this, they ensure no student is lagging in the study.  Further, the school confers honour to such teachers whose students score high in nationwide exams.

A number of achievements made by CMS make it one of the best schools.  Many students secure top positions with 99% marks in All India ICSE and ISC merit list every year.  Likewise, Several CMS students get admission with a scholarship from top universities of USA, UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

The list does not end here.  Students and alumni of this school have got awards in international tests, have cracked Indian Civil Services Exams and have qualified tests of India’s top professional courses.

So, this is really heartening to see that our country has the largest school in the world.


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Masked Aadhar Card

Masked Aadhar Card: A greater way to prevent data theft

Aadhar card issued by the UIDAI is an important document for Indian people.  It is used for KYC, photo identity proof and availing so many government benefits.

However, carrying the Aadhar card is risky as it contains the 12 digit Aadhar card number which is most sensitive.  If the card is misplaced or stolen, we are afraid that this number can be misused without our information.

The most threat is that by any loophole in the system, our hard-earned money can be stolen from the bank account.  The reason is that bank accounts are mandatorily linked with Aadhar. 

But there is no need to be afraid as the UIDAI has come up with a new feature which is called ‘Masked Aadhar’.   A masked Aadhar card contains all the demographic information like name, date of birth, address, photograph and QR code.  The difference is that only the last four digits of Aadhar number are visible whereas the remaining digits are shown as crossed.



This masked Aadhar card can be used as photo-identity proof at all places where there is no need for showing our Aadhar card number.  Only for getting the subsidy and availing other government schemes, we will have to carry regular Aadhar card.

We can, easily, download the masked Aadhar card by visiting the official website of UIDAI.

So why carry regular Aadhar card if we have the option of Masked Aadhar card!  It is a great way to strengthen the security of our identity and to avoid getting data theft.

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Mother congratulates her son for scoring 60% marks in Board exams

Mother congratulates her son for scoring 60% marks in Board exams

When the results of 10 and 12 Board exams are declared, some students get 90% or above marks. They rejoice the result with immense pleasure as they can get admission in the college of their preference. Parents of these students feel proud to talk about the scoring marks.

However, we also see the faces of disappointment as some students attain average or low marks. These students have to bear the brunt of their parents. The unfortunate fact is that some adolescents even commit suicide out of depression for not enduring the psychological pressure put by their guardians.

We as a guardian fail to persuade our children that marks cannot measure our intelligence. In fact, we are responsible for creating stress in the mind of our children that low scoring in the exams ends our academic career.

However, the reality is that our mark-sheets can never be the certificate of our whole life. It has been seen in some cases that top-scoring students could not achieve something special in their life, whereas low-grade students became successful person, earned name and fame and contributed their life for the welfare of society and the country.

So, the time has come that we give up admonishing our child for getting average or low grades in the exams and praise them for their efforts in the preparation of the exams. All students are not made for academics. They can make their career in the fields like sports, acting, music, painting or business as well and become a successful person in their life.

Such is the example of a mother who became proud of her son for scoring 60% marks in the 10th CBSE Board exams. A Delhi-based woman Vandana Sufia Katoch shared her feelings to the social media platform after the board result of her son was declared. She appreciated her son for his persevering efforts to prepare the exams and for not giving in even after some subjects were abstruse to him.

The post of Vandana Sufia has received the warm accolades. This super mom has set an example before us that life is far beyond numbers attained in the examinations.  Life of our children is not more valuable than the mark sheet, being a mere piece of paper.

Vandana gives a strong message to the country that it is our responsibility to keep our children happy and not pressurize them for their performance in the exams. “Kids will carry out our unfulfilled dreams”-we should give up this approach and let them fulfil the dreams of their choice.


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All animals are legal persons

All animals are legal persons: Court says

Animals are the companion of human beings. They are helpful in many ways. They provide us with food. We use many quadrupeds for transportation. Pets help us relieve from tension and anxiety.

Despite being the importance of animals, they have to face human cruelty. When these innocent beings suffer pain, they are unable to respond like us. But they have the same emotions as we have. So, who will speak on their behalf when they are victimized?

Certainly, we humans will have to stand by them! In this regard, Punjab and Haryana High Court has delivered an exceptional judgement for the welfare of animals.

The Court has observed that animals are not property. They have a legal right to live with dignity and honour. All citizens of the state are their “In Loco Parentis” (in place of parents).

The judgement says:

“The animals should be healthy, comfortable, well-nourished, safe, able to express innate behaviour without pain, fear and distress. They are entitled to justice. The animals cannot be treated as objects or property.”



It means we have the responsibility to ensure their welfare and protection. It will be our duty to see that these creatures live a healthy and comfortable life in a safe environment.

The Court issued several directions to the Haryana government so that there may be no harm to animals. Moreover, It banned the use of sticks to avoid causing bruises or swelling on them. The Court fixed the load to be carried by animals. Citizens should provide their animals with water every two hours and food every four hours.

However, the Court’s order does not imply that citizens should give up non-vegetarian food.

This is really a landmark judgement. This will incite the citizens of Haryana to safeguard the welfare of animals. We must welcome the decision of the Court.

It would be better if the Supreme Court of India passes such a decision. In this way, whole citizens of the country will be duty-bound to ensure the safety and dignity of animals.


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Threats of fake news

Threats of fake news during Loksabha elections in India

With the decreasing price rate of smartphones and internet data, the number of smartphone users has rapidly increased.  Social media apps and websites have become a major source of sharing news and information.  Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter are some most popular social media apps and websites

But, these apps and websites are also being used for sending misinformation.  Such information being political in nature may be in the form in false news, photoshopped images, morphed audio or video, photo of the famous person tagged with a fake message or twit.

A large number of people whether urban or rural, are still new to smartphones.  They are unable to differentiate between fake and true news.  Such pieces of fake news are provocative and aggravating.  After reading them, we are filled with anger and hatred.


fake news


Loksabha elections are being carried out in different phases in India.  Fake news circulated on social media platforms can influence the voters.  It is alleged that the presidential election of the USA in 2016 was influenced by the distribution of misguided information on social media apps and websites.

Our government in collaboration with social media platforms is taking stern action to curb the propagation of fake news.  These apps and websites trace for fake news and after verification delete such pieces of false news and information.  Persons involved in spreading fake news are booked under law.

As a responsible citizen, we can also take an active role to stop the spread of false news and information.

To like, forward or share any piece of news or information is considered to give consent to it.  So we should ignore such information which is provocative or hateful as it may be fake.

We must cross-verify any news or information through a trusted news website on the internet ahead of sharing it.  Similarly, we can verify the authenticity of an image by uploading it on google image.  If it shows no result or any source, the image is false and fabricated.

This is the season of loksabha election of the world’s largest democracy. we should not get influenced by such fake news and ensure that our valuable vote goes to the most appropriate candidate. 


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IAS topper, Kanishka Kataria

IAS topper credits to his girl-friend for the success

The result of the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducted in the year 2019 has been declared. Kanishka Kataria from Jaipur has topped the prestigious exam at his first attempt.

Earlier before, there have been several candidates who cracked the IAS exam at their first attempt.  So what is different with him?

The difference is that he has broken the myth of Indian society.  He has publically admitted what is being seen as a taboo in our society.

Kanishka Kataria has given credit for this grand success to his girlfriend together with his family. This means he has publically admitted having a girlfriend.



This is perhaps for the first time that a beloved girl has got the due importance.

As a student, falling in love is considered not good.  Choosing a partner of one’s own like is also not easy in our society.

So Kanishka’s cool revelation matters big to Indian society. There is a strong weight in his statement.

Being thankful for the girl-friend is absolutely new.  It shows the strength of accepting one’s love and fidelity towards the love-partner.

Kanishka Kataria has given a strong message that love-partner can also be helpful in making a career. She must be appreciated for her role in the career-making journey.

Certainly, Kanishka’s move will heighten the importance of women in society. It will also act as a deterrent to those who abandon their love partner after making promises.


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UPSC interview

A welcome proposal for the unsuccessful candidates in UPSC interview

It would be right to say that the UPSC exam is one of the toughest competitive examinations of the world.  Around 6 lakh candidates appear for this exam, whereas only 600-700 candidates get success in the final round of interview.

The glamour of civil services is such that candidates appear for this exam again and again till they succeed in the interview.  However, persistence to prepare for this exam for a number of times is not possible for everyone.

So, what about such candidates who get failed in the final round of interview, some even from one to two numbers.  Are they not capable of getting services in the government offices?

Certainly, they are efficient to hold a government job.  In fact, they have gained a good understanding of governance until the preparation of the interview stage.



Considering this, the Chairman of the Union Public Service Commission has sent a proposal to the Central government and ministries to recruit failed candidates in the interview.

If the government approves the recommendation, the unsuccessful candidates will get government service in ministry offices in a suitable post according to their rank.

The government should approve the proposal since this is good for both the government and the candidates.  There will be less burden for the government to hold exams for several posts. The candidates, too, will be relieved from the undue pressure.

This provision is already prevalent in the Staff Selection Commission and the Railway Recruitment Board.

So let’s appeal to the government to approve the recommendation of UPSC in order to go one step ahead in the path of shining India.


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