After technical hold, how should India respond China deplomatically?

After technical hold, how should India respond China deplomatically?

This was the fourth time, China vetoed Masood‘s terror tag at the United Nations Security Council.   Now it’s time to show China that India will find its own way to fight against terror, with or without China’s consent to labelling him a terrorist, it doesn’t matter.

India has already isolated Pakistan in the global forum.  This time, China has also alienated itself by abusing the power of veto again and again. 

But, India should also reform its foreign policy with regard to China.  The reason, it has never been supportive of India.  This is a suitable time when most countries at the United Nations were with India and disapproved of China.

India should give a clear message that China trades with India five times greater than Pakistan.  In this way, China derives the benefit from Pakistan is much less in comparison to India.

If China continues to ignore the national interests of India and show undue love for Pakistan, it will have to bear a gigantic economic loss.  No doubt, this strong message needs to be sent to China. 



Most western countries have banned China’s famous telecom Huawei from entering 5G.  The reason, they are suspecting espionage activity to be carried by China.  So, India can also give a lucid message regarding the future ban.

India can also take steps in the strategic field.   It can move forward to align more closely with the US, Japan, Australia, Vietnam and Indonesia.  These countries don’t like Chinese foreign policy.

Similarly, India can deepen its relationship with Taiwan whom China always raises the question over its validity.

All these actions of India will compel China to re-think to act against the interest of India. 

The whole nation has seen that India has changed after Pulwama attack.  Now, it is the right time to show the sign of changed diplomatic policy against rude and obstinate China.

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