UPSC interview
UPSC interview

A welcome proposal for the unsuccessful candidates in UPSC interview

It would be right to say that the UPSC exam is one of the toughest competitive examinations of the world.  Around 6 lakh candidates appear for this exam, whereas only 600-700 candidates get success in the final round of interview.

The glamour of civil services is such that candidates appear for this exam again and again till they succeed in the interview.  However, persistence to prepare for this exam for a number of times is not possible for everyone.

So, what about such candidates who get failed in the final round of interview, some even from one to two numbers.  Are they not capable of getting services in the government offices?

Certainly, they are efficient to hold a government job.  In fact, they have gained a good understanding of governance until the preparation of the interview stage.



Considering this, the Chairman of the Union Public Service Commission has sent a proposal to the Central government and ministries to recruit failed candidates in the interview.

If the government approves the recommendation, the unsuccessful candidates will get government service in ministry offices in a suitable post according to their rank.

The government should approve the proposal since this is good for both the government and the candidates.  There will be less burden for the government to hold exams for several posts. The candidates, too, will be relieved from the undue pressure.

This provision is already prevalent in the Staff Selection Commission and the Railway Recruitment Board.

So let’s appeal to the government to approve the recommendation of UPSC in order to go one step ahead in the path of shining India.


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