Amitabh Bachchan
Amitabh Bachchan

15 inspirational facts about Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan is a legendary actor of the Hindi film industry.  There have been many big stars in Hindi cinema, but there is no comparison with him.

Amitabh Bachchan is not only a successful actor but also a great person.

Many actors get retired at this age, but Amitabh Bachchan at his 77 is still active.

Besides acting, he has also proved his talent in television host and playback singer.  He is popularly known as the king of Bollywood or Big B.

Amitabh Bachchan is also a good philanthropist.  He has been involved in many social welfare works.

The list of his achievements is endless.  He is the most inspirational figure in the world.  We can learn so many valuable life lessons from Amitabh Bachchan.

Here are 15 inspirational facts about Amitabh Bachchan.  Any person can become successful and great by following his life-habits.


1. Believe in yourself


Whatever be the situation in life, we should believe in ourselves.  Amitabh Bachchan faced rejections for his voice and height, had failures in initial films and suffered downfalls.

But still, he tried for what he wanted.  Today, he is a megastar.


2. Hard work and determination


Amitabh Bachchan puts the whole energy in his movies.  While acting in his movie Coolie, he had a fatal accident.

But he recovered and completed the shooting same year and the film released soon after.  He has the potential to make the movie a blockbuster on his own.


3. Humbleness


Amitabh Bachchan is one of the most humble persons.  He talks very politely with everyone.

When his co-stars or contestants meet him and touch his feet, he immediately picks them up and hugs them.


4. Say ‘NO’ when it is required


Mr Bachchan does not hesitate to negate when it is important to him.  Once he denied acting a Jeewan Sathi advertisement since it encouraged the malpractice of the dowry system.

We salute you, sir!


5. Learn from your mistakes and keep on trying


Amitabh Bachchan says that we all make mistakes in our life, but we should have the strength to accept them.

He also made mistakes while choosing some movies and made wrong decisions in his life.  But one must learn from their mistakes and keep on moving in their path.


6. Value and importance for family


Amitabh Bachchan gives values for his family.  He is a true example of having an ideal family.

The Bachchan family is regarded as the golden family of Bollywood.  Amitabh has immense love for this.

He is, altogether, a supportive father, protective grandpa, reliable husband, ideal son and cool father-in-law.


Amitabh Bachchan with family | Image: Indian Express

7. Punctuality and discipline


Amitabh Bachchan never keeps his producer and director waiting.  Mr Bachchan always reaches the shooting spot in time.

He is so punctual that several times he opened the gate of Filmistan Studio himself before the watchman.  He immediately makes a public apology whenever he becomes late.

Amitabh is also a disciplined early-riser.


 8. There is no age limit for work


The superstar has left his age far behind.  No actor of his age is so active.  At 77, he is still determined to work and looks young and energetic.

Remember the movie ‘Paa’ in which he plays the role of the son of his own son Abhishek Bachchan.


Amitabh Bachchan in Paa
Amitabh Bachchan in movie Paa | Image: Quora

9. No work is small


There was a time when television was called an idiot box.  No film star liked to work on TV shows.

But Amitabh Bachchan broke this myth and agreed to host a TV show ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’.

This show became a big success and today almost all film actors are seen performing in TV programmes.


Amitabh in KBC
Amitabh in KBC | Image: Prabhat Khabar

10. Spread love, not hatred


Amitabh Bachchan is a most loved person.  He believes in having good terms with all.  He has no contention or rift with any person.   This is the reason he is so popular in the world.


11. Man of impeccable character


If we look for the film magazines of bygone days, we would, reportedly, read the stories of affairs between Amitabh and ageless star Rekha.

However, Amitabh is married to film star Jaya Bachchan and he has maintained the dignity of his married life.

He knows his limits well and we have seen him keeping a respectable distance with this diva of yesteryears.


Amitabh with Jaya
Amitabh with Jaya | Image: India Today

12. Give back the society


The megastar is a good humanitarian.  He has donated millions of rupees to several farmers of Bihar, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh to clear their debts.

UNICEF made him a goodwill ambassador for the polio eradication campaign in India in 2002.


13. Quality of adaptation


Mr Bachchan knows very well to be adaptable with the drastic life changes.  He always has a positive attitude towards life.

He faced criticism during his political career and went through bankruptcy.  Nevertheless, he stood like a rock and conquered all hurdles of life.


14. Encouragement


The true gentleman never misses encouraging any actor who performs well in the movie.  Even at the set, he encourages the junior artists to concentrate only on their work and not get nervous before him.


15. Respect for his fans


Amitabh says that fans invest a lot of time and energy on a star and hence they deserve respect.  He believes that our status is due to our audiences and that they are our ‘extended families’.

He remains available to greet his fan followers outside his bungalow on every Sunday.


Amitabh Bachchan greeting fans | Image: Deccan Chronicle

Mr Amitabh Bachchan is the man of rich personalities India had ever have.  He will, always, be a source of inspiration and motivation for billions.

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