10 mind-blowing unsolved mysteries of India

The diverse country India has several mind-blowing unsolved mysteries that our historians, scientists and rationalists are still looking for their answer.

India has a rich culture, big landmass, unabated heritage, vast glorious history as well as various customs and traditions.

As a result, these factors make India the land of mysteries.

You are familiar with some mystery events of India, such as destruction of Indus Valley Civilization, the sudden disappearance of great Indian freedom fighter Subhash Chandra Bose and mysterious death of former Indian Prime Minister Lala Lajpat Rai.

Apart from the three, India has so many puzzling things and events that will baffle you.  You will be hanging in oblivion and it will be a herculean task to find the exact reason for such occurrences.

Read these 10 mind-blowing unsolved mysteries of India and think why such things occur.


1. Skeletons Lake


Roopkund Lake is in the Himalayan ranges of Uttrakhand state.  It is also famous as the lake of skeletons for hundreds of human skeletons are visible at the bottom of lake water when the ice melts.

The Britishers found the skeletons first in 1942 and they suspected the bones could belong to Japanese forces.


skeleton lake of roopkund is one of mysteries of India
Roopkund Lake


But the later research proved the skeletons are as much ancient as 1200 years old.

Local legend says that these bones are of the group of people who went with the King of Kanauj Raja Jasdhaval on a pilgrimage to Nanda Devi Shrine and faced large hailstones storm.

However, the factual reason for these skeletons is still a mystery and now this place has become a tourist destination and one of the trekking places.


2. Suicidal event of mass birds


There is a village namely Matinga about 200 miles away from Guwahati city of Assam.

During the month of September and November in the dark night between 6 p.m.to 9 p.m., a large number of birds of various species die or injure by crashing with bamboo poles and buildings with no clear reason.

The famous Assamese naturalist Edward P Gee brought this phenomenon first to the world.


event of self killing bird is one of mysteries of india


The local tribes suspected this event to be the result of some evil spirits to terrorise them.

However, the scientists assume that the self-killing of these birds could be due to high-velocity winds at the foggy night.  And when they search for light as a refuge, they get collide with the trees.

But the exact reason for this event is unknown and it is also among one of the mysteries of India.


3. The Nine Unknown Men


It is supposed that the great Maurya King Ashoka had created a secret society comprising nine men after the Kalinga war which forced him to convert to Buddhism.

These unknown nine men were the world’s most intelligent persons in different subjects.  However, emperor Ashoka kept society clandestine to the world.

The purpose of the formation of this society was to keep the technological knowledge safe for human welfare and not to fall at the hands of evil persons to misuse it.


society of nine unknown men is a mystery in india
Image Credit: Postcard News


These nine men would gather information from nine fields, write down in their book and hand over them to the Nine Unknown Men of further generation for continuous writing.

Interestingly, these nine books covered subjects that included propaganda, physiology, microbiology, alchemy, communication, gravity, cosmogony, light and sociology.

People also believe that the invention of the atom bomb and martial art is the result of the leakage of information that the Nine Unknown Men had gathered.

Whether the nine unknown men exist or not, is still a mystery for the world.


4. The uninhabited village Kuldhara


Once upon a time, Kuldhara, situated in Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan, was a prosperous village.  As of a sudden, the residents abandoned the village at one night for some unknown reason.

According to the folklore, the cruelty of the city Diwan Salim Singh, also called Jalim Singh forced the villagers to leave the place.

He was attracted towards a beautiful girl of the village and he ordered his guards to take the girl to him. When the guards approached the girl, her guardians asked them to come the next day, and the residents left the village overnight.


Kuldhara village is one of mysteries in India


They also cursed that anybody trying to re-occupy the village would face paranormal activities.

However, the scholars claim that the residents abandoned the village gradually and perhaps for the dearth of water or the occurrence of an earthquake around the place.

By the way, what the actual reason is still a mystery and this place is among one of the haunted places of India.


5. The village of twins


India is a country which has the lowest rate of twin childbirth in the world.

But you would be surprised to know that a village namely Kodinhi in Malappuram district of Kerala is famous for large numbers of twin births.

Nearly 2000 families reside in the village and till today, 204 pairs of twins and two sets of triplets have born in Kodinhi.


Image Credit: The News Minute


The more surprising fact is that women of Kodinhi village married to far off places have also given birth to twin child.

In spite of the several studies conducted by the researchers, the exact reason for this phenomenon is not confirmed and hence it is in the list of unsolved mysteries in India.


6. Mysterious Red rain or blood rain


The residents of Kottayam and Idukki districts of Kerala state had mixed emotions of great surprise and fear on 25 July 2001 when the city underwent an unnatural phenomenon.

On that date, it rained for 20 minutes, but surprisingly, the colour of the rain was red, just like blood.  Not only this, people also witnessed yellow, green and black rain on that day.  Moreover, the red rain continued till 21 September.




The environmentalists and scientists proposed many assumptions for the happening of red rain, such as


                  The mix up of pollutants in rain-water


                  Combination of algae that are in abundance on the trees of Kerala


                  Disbursement of a meteorite explosion


However, the scientists, later, found in the lab test that the water content had not any debris but live microbes and DNA.

But they were unable to find the exact reason for the red rain and it is still one of the biggest mysteries in India.


7. The deafening sonic boom sound


A sonic boom is the harsh and loud sound produced by an aeroplane when it flies with the speed more than sound.

People of Jodhpur heard the same type of sound at 11.25 a.m. on 18 December 2012 and due to which they went outside of their house for an untoward fear.

People guessed it was a sonic boom caused by the testing of new aircraft or an ammunition explosion in the nearby army area.  But the defence department denied all these events.



Moreover, people also heard the sonic boom sound on the same date in the USA and the UK.

So, whether these sounds have any connection with each other and from where the sounds came, nobody on the earth could solve it as yet.


 8. The Reincarnation of Shanti Devi


The first incidence of reincarnation came into light in India in 1930 when a four-year-old girl remembered her past life.

Shanti Devi was a Delhi-born woman.  At the age of four, she said to her parents that her home was in Mathura where she lived with her husband Kedar Nath.

She further said that she died ten days after giving birth to her child.

Once, she had also tried to run away from his Delhi house to meet her family in Mathura.  Even in the school, she would use the words of Mathura dialect and tell the story of her reincarnation to the headmaster and teacher.


Image Credit: Facts Professor


And really, the school authorities found that a Mathura based merchant Kedar Nath lost his wife Lugdi Devi.

When they brought Kedar Nath pretending with another person in front of her, she immediately recognised him and Lugdi Devi’s son.

She also gave many details of Kedar Nath and his wife Lugdi Devi which convinced Kedar Nath that Shanti Devi is the reincarnation of her lost wife.

The famous Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi also set up a commission for investigation of her claim.  Shanti Devi identified her several family members, even grandfather of Lugdi Devi.

Though our science is not clear on the theory of reincarnation, the case of Shanti Devi is still an occult puzzle.


9.The mystery of Om Banna Temple


In Pali district of Rajasthan, there is a unique temple where people worship not the statue of any deity but an original bullet bike.


But it is true and the story behind it is very interesting.

On 2 December 1991, a youth namely Om Banna was travelling by his bullet bike in the Pali town when he accidentally hit the bike with a tree and died on the spot.

The police arrived there and took the bike to the police station.  But surprisingly, the bullet got disappeared from the police station and people found the bike at the same accident site.



Every time the police brought the bike to the police station, it became missing from there and was found at the same place the next day.

Local people began to say that the spirit of Om Banna is residing in the bullet, so they made a temple near the site and kept the bullet in the temple as a deity.

Now, nobody knows it was a foul trick of some mischievous person or the spirit of Om Banna is present in the bullet.


10. The mysterious saint Prahlad Jani 


Prahalad Jani was an Indian sadhu who claimed that he has lived without food and water for 70 years.

Also famous with the name Mataji, he believed that Goddess Amba blessed him with water dropping down from a hole of his palate due to which he is able to survive in starvation.

Many doctors at Sterling Hospital, Ahmedabad investigated his claims in 2003.  They also conducted several medical tests on him and concluded that he was able to survive in sound health for two weeks without food and water.


Image Credit: India.com


Again in 2010, the research team of Defence Institute Physiology and Allied Sciences tested on him and arrived at the conclusion that Prahalad Jani has an extreme form of adaption to starvation and water restriction.

Prahalad breathed his last in 2020 at the age of 90.

So these are a few mystery things and events that belong to our country.  You can write in the comment box if you have solved any of the mysteries.

Please leave your comment if you know some more unsolved mysteries of India.

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