Interesting facts about India
Interesting facts about India

10 interesting and incredible facts about India

There are so many interesting facts about our country India.  India is one of the most amazing countries in the world.

It is a country that has fascinating beauty, marvellous history, great culture, rich diversity, on the contrary, it has weird things too.

The country has a unique combination of eastern and western values.  Foreigners are always curious to know about this country and they long for visiting India once in their life.

Here are 10 interesting and incredible facts about India.  Although these facts are not so popular, yet you would fall in surprise to know about them.


1. The second-largest English speaking country


This is unbelievable but an interesting fact to learn that India is the second-largest English speaking country after the USA.

English is one of the official languages of our country.  The United States of America has the largest population of English speakers in the world.

According to Wikipedia, the USA has about 28 crore English speakers, whereas a population of more than 12.5 crores speaks English in India.

The credit goes to the large population of India.  Another interesting fact is that 6 crore people speak English in the United Kingdom, that has certainly less English speakers than India even though India owed this language to Britain.


interesting fact as India is second largest english speaking country.
Image: Castle Europa

2. Winner of all Kabaddi World Cups


The game of kabaddi was originated in India.   Internation Kabaddi Federation organises the Kabaddi World Cup to select the world champion.  The competition has been previously contested in 2004, 2007 and 2016.

India has won all the tournaments, certainly a unique achievement of its kind.

The next world tournament is to be organised in this year 2019 and will you guess who will be the winner!

India is also the champion of the second Women’s Kabaddi World cup held in 2016.


interesting fact as India won all kabaddi world cup
Image: Hindustan Times

3. A floating post office


The world has only one floating post office nowhere than in India.  This floating post office is situated on Dal Lake in Srinagar.

Jammu Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah inaugurated the post office on August 2011.

This innovation is the main attraction for tourists visiting Srinagar.  The post office has also a philately museum containing a huge collection of unique stamps.

The post office offers services of internet facility and international calls.  It functions on all days including Sundays during the tourist seasons.


interesting fact as India has a Floating Post Office.
Floating Post Office, Dal Lake

4. A special polling station for a single voter


The temple priest Mahant Bharatdas Darshandas lives in a very small village Banej amid Gir forest, Gujrat.  He is one of the very few humans to reside among wild creatures.

However, the Election Commission of India did not hesitate to set up a special poll booth for this single person in the dense and isolated forest of Gir.

Bharatdas would otherwise have to travel 120 km to reach the nearest poll booth.  The setting up of a special poll booth for a single voter proves the great democratic spirit of India.


interesting fact as A special polling station for a single voter in india.
Mahant Bharatdas Darshandas | Image: Shoppirate

5. Madhopatti – Village of IAS officers


Madhopatti is a small village in Jaunpur district of Uttar Pradesh.  However, the village is, in the true sense, ‘the incredible India’.

Surprisingly, the village has only 75 households but has given the country 47 IAS officers.  They are offering their services in ISRO, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre and even in the World Bank.


Image: Patrika

6. The highest cricket ground in the world


The Chail cricket stadium of Himachal Pradesh is the highest cricket ground in the world.  Bhupinder Singh, Maharaja of Patiala built this stadium in 1891.

The pitch of the stadium is 2444 meters above the sea level.  After the independence of India, Maharaja Bhupinder Singh donated the stadium campus to Chail Military School and Government of India.

The ground is also used for playing football and basketball.


interesting fact is Chail cricket ground, The highest cricket ground in the world.
Chail Cricket Ground

7. India’s first rocket was transported on a bicycle


ISRO launched its first rocket in 1963 from Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC), Kerala.  The light-weighted rocket was very small and it was carried through a bicycle.  The office of VSSC was originally a local catholic church.

This church was located on earth’s magnetic equator, so the Indian scientists selected it as rocket launching station.

The cattle shed of the church was the laboratory for the scientists.  Ex-President Mr Abdul Kalam was one among the scientists for this project.


India's first rocket
India’s first rocket | Image: Twitter

8. World’s biggest family         


Ziona Chana of Mizoram has overall 181 members in his family.  He is blessed with 39 wives, 94 children, 14 daughters-in-law and 33 grandchildren.

His family lives in a 100-room, four-storeyed building.

The whole family lives in the proper discipline, so there are peace and happiness in their lives.  They grow crops for their food requirement.

All his wives claim that there is no rivalry among them, hence they all love him.  Being the husband of 39 wives, Ziona is also interested in marrying more women even from America.


Ziona Chana with his family
Ziona Chana with his family | Image: Daily Mail

9. World’s first hospital train  


The Indian railways donated the country a seven coach hospital train namely ‘Lifeline Express’ in 1991.

It provides medical and surgical healthcare to doorsteps of rural patients who are unable to reach a hospital.   The train originates from Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai.

The train is facilitated with two operation theatres with world-class equipment.  Till date, the Lifeline Express has treated about one million poor people with free of charge.

Nearly 2 lakh doctors all over the world have tendered their services in this unique hospital.  This train has made health impact not only in India but also around to world to inspire such initiation.


Lifeline Express
Lifeline Express | Image: Newsd

10. Switzerland observes science day in honour of Mr Kalam


Ex-President Dr A P J Abdul Kalam visited Switzerland on 26th May 2006.  He was also a renowned scientist of India.  He made a big contribution to the missile project in India.

So, he is popularly known as the father of India’s missile programme.

Considering his vast expertise in science and technology, the Swiss government has declared 26th May as science day in honour of his visit.


A P J Abdul Kalam
A P J Abdul Kalam

So, these are a few interesting facts about our country India.  The list may be bigger than it.  Some facts increase our curiosity to learn more about India while others make us feel a sense of pride.

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